Learning about Wildlife In Teton Valley Idaho: The Grizzly & Wolf Discovery Center

Learning about Wildlife In Teton Valley Idaho The Grizzly & Wolf Discovery CenterDo you know that Teton Valley Idaho landscape is the combination of mountains, lake, some caves and forest? Since the topography of the area is built that way, it makes the perfect home for wolf and grizzly bear. The local government then decides to make a sanctuary, where the visitors could learn more about these two wild beasts.

– The Close Up Look
What makes the visitors love this Discovery Center is the option to get as close as possible with the wild animals. Through a glass room, the visitors could observe the wolf behavior; their interactions, movements, etc. The building itself has two different sides. One of them is facing the River Valley, while another one is facing to the High Country.
The keepers have special tricks to lure the wolf out of the forest. They will put many treats (bones and meat pieces) in different area around the cabin. This way, the wolf will stay active during the day. Sometimes, the wolf pack is curious of the glass and step closer.

– Keeper Kids Program
If the kids are brave enough to interact with the animals, then sign them to this program. The minimum age is five years old and the oldest one would be 12 years old. The agen sbobet program is only offered during summer and divided into two groups. The main activity of the small keepers is hiding the food for grizzly bears in the forest. Of course, they are not going to do it alone. Some real animal keepers and naturalists will supervise and join the team. When they have finished, the bears will use their smell sense to find the food. Kids could observe this in the cabin.

Learning about Wildlife In Teton Valley Idaho The Grizzly & Wolf Discovery

– Interactive Bear Museum
Some children do not have the courage to step into Grizzly Bear habitat. However, this should not stop them to learn about the wild beast. Parents could bring them to visit the bear museum in the complex. The idea of this museum is presented by the Science Museum of Minessota. There will be some history, art, literature work and many things that related to bear. In addition, there are some explanation of the whole family of Grizzly Bear. The children could learn each of them; about their food and their behavior in nature.

Want some educational trip in the holiday? Then bring the children to the wild center. While accompanying the kids, you could also enjoy the close up experience with real wolf and grizzly bear. You also have the bear museum in Teton Valley Idaho Wild Center.

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